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Wired Kingdom

Wired Kingdom - Rick Chesler I won this book through the First Reads Giveaway on October 1st, 2010!

Synopsis of Wired Kingdom - A reality tv guru had the interesting idea to equip a wild blue whale with a web cam and make it a live feed 24/7 on the internet for people to watch. The feed showed everything that the blue whale was seeing and also had its gps coordinates so that the audience would know where the blue whale was. The show "Wired Kingdom" was quite successful, so when the large at-home audience watches a woman meet her demise right in front of the blue whale, there was a public outcry as to whether the incident was staged or real. The FBI gets called in to check it out and the excitement of the book ensues.

Wired Kingdom was a gripping book that seems to have been heavily researched. I was really surprised at how caught up in the book I actually became. Rick Chesler wrote Wired Kingdom from many points of view - which is normal for an author - but he also included the whale's point of view and I found that very interesting and unique. For me, the book really showed down around page 140 for some reason but after 10-15 pages, it picks right back up. It felt like the book hit a brick wall for me, in a sense. I have reread the same passage a few times and always the same mental reaction - but do not let this discourage you from picking Wired Kingdom up at your nearest bookstore because you will not regret buying this book! Wired Kingdom is a great book that I will read again and again.