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The Nearest Exit

The Nearest Exit (The Tourist Series, Book 2) - Olen Steinhauer I won The Nearest Exit through the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway on 03/08/2011!

The Nearest Exit really captured my attention through about half of the book. Then I started to feel bogged down with information. It was almost too much. I actually had to put the book down for a few days because I thought that I was distracted with things going on around me. I picked it back up and then had the same problems again.

Don't get me wrong, the story is fantastic. The characters were well developed and the story was interesting. For me, it was just all of the little details that kind of derailed it.

I hate to say all of this about a book that was given to me, but I'm assuming that the author would want what people honestly think and not just a response that got them 5 stars to make their day. At least I hope that they would want honesty, if not, then they will be really upset when they read this.

I might pick the book up again in the future, but it's not one that I'm being pulled to, to read again. I hope that the second time around I really like it because so many others do. Makes me wonder if my ideas of a good book is warped in some way.

If you like spy/government books, give this one a try. The great thing about people is that everyone likes something different, so what I see as too many details, someone else might see as just the right amount.