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The Switch

The Switch - Sandra Brown Sandra Brown was very close to a 5 star rating this time! Man, she really kept me guessing on this one. Usually I get a hint of what the end result might be on a novel but not with Sandra Brown. Dang it!! I really thought that I knew who the bad guy was. Hell, I really thought that I knew what was going on. I was totally wrong.

As usual, Brown really delivers on the character development within the story, she delivers on the premise (how in the world does she come up with this stuff?!?), she delivers on the descriptions, the convos between characters, the whole plot ... just ... everything!

I really can't sing this author's praises any more than I already have on every other review that I have done for her stuff. Here's the deal ... if suspense is what you want, then Sandra Brown might be the author for you. If you want a little romance, she is one of my faves. But if you want romantic suspense, she's top notch and I really don't like any author as much. She just can't be beat!

Anyhow ... now that my weird adoration/gushing is over ... this book is great. Just when you think that the story is heading in one direction, you suddenly hit a brick wall and you get spun around just to find out that you're upside down, your favorite cat is missing and you can't find your right shoe. Basically, she lets you think that you know what in the world is going on just so that she can rip it away and give you something else to believe in ... and then she yanks that away also. I'm trying to say that it's an awesome book. Guess I could have just said it's an awesome book ... but then you couldn't have come on this crazy little journey with me.

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