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The Deathday Letter

The Deathday Letter - Shaun David Hutchinson I won this book in the First Reads Giveaway.

The Deathday Letter is a story of a teenager named Oliver Travers. Oliver woke up one morning to his family huddled together in shock as they stared at his Deathday Letter. Deathday Letters are the standard in Ollie's world and it informs him that he has 24 hours to live. This book covers his last day and the adventures that he encounters.

I received this book on 05-23-10 and the moment my husband brought it in, I ripped it open - I was really looking forward to reading it. Even though I am already reading another one of my First Read wins ... I had to crack it open. With the title The Deathday Letter, I was not expecting humor - it was a great surprise! I made myself put it down after I read the first chapter because I have others to read first and my husband had to take it from me. I am so excited to keep reading. This book (so far) is refreshing. I can't think of another word for it. It shoots from the hip and doesn't hold anything back. You'll realize that after you read the first paragraph!

I have mixed feelings about this book. It can be crude and highly inappropriate. While I read it, I feel like I shouldn't laugh or get a kick out of some of the things that are written, but I love it. It is my new guilty pleasure! There are a lot of people that might be offended by some of the things in this book, but The Deathday Letter is really well written and you can completely relate to what is going on. I love how this book gives you a fresh look at what life is about - family, friends, seizing the moment and pudding cups. This is an awesome book that you really need to put on your summer reading list!