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Broken: A Novel (Grant County)

Broken - Karin Slaughter I won this book through the First Reads Giveaway!! I'm a HUGE Karin Slaughter fan and I'm completely overjoyed with the fact that I won this! I can't wait to receive it and start reading! I'll post my review as I start reading!

Broken starts off with what Grant County personnel thinks is a suicide. Through a series of events, a suspect is captured and Dr. Sara Linton is dragged into the fold (unwillingly at first) along with Will Trent. They both start investigating the circumstances surrounding the arrest of the suspect and the unfortunate set of events that follow.

As expected, Broken is absolutely amazing. Anything about Grant County is great because Karin Slaughter writes in such a way that you really feel a connection to the characters. After I finish reading each Grant County book, I always find myself wondering what certain characters will be up to next or feeling angry at them for something they have done - like they are real people. This book just leaves me speechless. This is by far Karin Slaughter's best book to date in my opinion. The pages blow by and before you know it, you're angry because you've finished the book. Broken is filled with surprises that completely blind side you and keep you on your toes! Definately a book I'll read over and over!