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Running Dark: A Novel (Emma Caldridge)

Running Dark - Jamie Freveletti I won this book through the First Reads Giveaway!

Running Dark is a modern day pirate story. Emma Caldridge is a chemist that gets injected with an unknown substance on the first page of the book and it catapaults her into the scary Somalian world. Cameron Sumner works for a security company hoping to get the pirates to stop targeting ships. Sumner (whom Emma has a brief history with) is dealing with the Somali pirates on a cruise ship amidst a couple hundred wealthy socialites that the pirates hope to ransome.

I haven't read anything by Jamie Freveletti before, but I will read anything she comes out with now. She writes a very realistic modern day pirate story. She doesn't pack the story with a lot of fluff words and just gets right into the meat of what is going on. I loved it! Such an easy read - easy to pick up and begin reading where you had to stop last, you don't have to go back and read a few pages to remind you - no, you remember! Great character development ... just a wonderful story.