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The Third Secret

The Third Secret - Steve Berry Steve Berry must have a deal with Google or something because all of his books make me want to go get on the computer and do some research!

Once again, the book was very well researched and you can tell that by the amount of facts that are in The Third Secret and how amazingly accurate most of it was. I love how he weaves historically significant (and mostly unknown) pieces of the worlds past into a fictional story.

Okay, down to the nitty-gritty. Good book? Absolutely, one of my favorites? Almost. The reason behind that is a few times in the story, I got a little bogged down with the details. These details were well thought out and necessary to the story, but for some reason, it just got a little heavy for me in the middle of the book. The Third Secret is something that I will definately read again - I think that I need time to really process everything that was covered. This is a heavy book - and I don't mean weight wise. If you are a staunch Catholic who is unbending in your mindset ... this book is not for you. It raises a lot of questions about Catholicism and dogma. All in all, a great book but it definately needs a second read just to pick up everything that Steve Berry wrote and researched about.