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The Secret Soldier (A John Wells Novel)

The Secret Soldier - Alex Berenson I won this book through the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway on 12/31/2010 and received it on 01/10/2011!

I love reading military/government/spy inspired books. The Secret Soldier was really, really good. The way Alex Berenson wrote the book makes you feel like you are really there, experiencing the madness that he created within the pages.

It read like it was a movie, I could see everything happening in my head due to the in-depth way that the book was put together. I think that makes an amazing author. All too many times, I find a book that I think will be great and then I get so caught up in the details that the story loses some of the excitement that I'm sure the author intended you to feel. But not with The Secret Soldier. Berenson put a ton of details in this book, but not to the point where it was weighted down. He did not write one sentence that wasn't important to the story - no fluff.

I've never read Berenson before, but I will be sure to pick up another one of his books in the near future.

This book happens to be part of a series ... I didn't feel like I was missing pertinant info that I needed in order to proceed with this book - basically, if you haven't read the others, don't worry, this book would work as a stand-alone - you won't get lost.

Great book - if I could give it more stars, I certainly would. A must read for everyone who enjoys a great mystery and action book intermixed with some honest historical facts and a ton of intrigue!