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Best Kept Secret

Best Kept Secrets - Sandra Brown I'm sure this will contain some spoilers ... so you've been warned!

I ADORE Sandra Brown. I've read damn near everything that she's written and the few I haven't read, I have waiting for me on my bookshelf or in my Nook. Okay. That being said, this one was a little weird. Not the writing style, that was stellar - as always. It was a really good book ... just the part where she falls in love with the guy that her mom lusted after for so many years ... grew up with ... had her first kiss with ... it was just strange to me for some reason. Not that I have anything against there being an age difference in a relationship, I don't ... this was just a little different of a scenario than I had expected when picking up a book. Maybe I should start reading the backs of the books now ...

Anyhow, this was a great book - loved it, I'll definitely read it again. Now onto the next one!