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Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, Book 3)

Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne There may be some unintentional spoilers ... I haven't decided yet ... read with caution!!

Wow. Mockingjay was not what I was expecting. I was actually really disappointed. UGH!!! Such a frustrating ending to this series. I absolutely fell in love with the first two books. Even after thinking that I wouldn't. I figured that I would pick up the first book and get halfway through and then be done with it. But that isn't what happened. I loved the first two. I thought I would love this ending. But it left me wishing I hadn't ever started the series.

Let's break it down. Was it written well? Yes. Did Collins stay true with all of the characters that she had already established? Yes. Did I get really effing tired of the Katniss boy drama? Yes. Did it end in a horrible, unsatisfying way? YES, YES, YES!!!

Just one of those issues wouldn't have ruined the book for me. All of them together made me want to strangle Collins for ruining this whole series for me. Why in the world would you end it like that? Because it's unexpected? Is that why Collins really shattered the ending? I mean, I guess there is some satisfaction in not giving the main character what she wants and messing her up so badly in your story that you don't want the torture to end and instead, you torture all of your readers as if they are an extension of Katniss ... but really. It wasn't necessary. Just because your readers expect a happy - or somewhat un-tortured - ending, doesn't mean that you don't have to give them that.

Katniss was drugged and running around like a rabid dog for half of this story, I just don't see where Collins was trying to take it. I understand that the Capitol had to come down to bring the story to an ending. Fine. Bring that shit down. But killing off damn near every character? I didn't realize how angry this ending really made me until I started writing this. Maybe that is what Collins was trying to do. Evoke some kind of emotion from the readers ... I wish she had realized that she had already done that and not tried to push the envelope so much.

You want to know something sad? I am usually disappointed with the movie version of a book ... but I just read yesterday that Lionsgate has purchased the rights to 4 - I repeat FOUR - Hunger Games movies ... so ... for the first time ever, I'm hoping that the movie is better than the book. The 3rd one at least.

Shame on you, Mockingjay for being a disappointment. The only reason you get 4 stars is because the last two books warranted it. Heck, I would have given Mockingjay 4 stars if all it was, was one piece of paper that said 'The End'.