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Ride the Fire: The Firefighters of Station Five

Ride the Fire - Jo Davis Maybe I'm burned out on Jo Davis novels. Honest thought? Meh.

I hate giving that kind of review to a book because I can imagine how much work goes into writing ... but I've got to tell the truth. Again, this wasn't the worst book ever. There are tons more that are worse than this. It just wasn't my fave.

All of the scenes seemed done. Over done, at times. The goofy humor that stopped being funny a couple of books ago and the romantic parts that I started to just skip completely just became too much for me to even enjoy it.

Davis writes a great villain. I'd be interested to see her write something more serious and away from the romance genre.

I don't know if I'll read another Davis book. Probably. I love how she writes her characters ... it's just everything else.