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Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James Hmmm ... my thoughts on this 2nd book of the series? Meh. Those three little letters really say it all. I was so excited after the first one ... if you throw the abundant sex scenes out of it, it's a great book. This one? It was just ... OKAY ... nothing to tell everyone about.

I really liked the first book and I had high hopes of this one. I'm gonna break this down for you.

Reasons I didn't like the book:
(even though I loved the first one)
1. Sex scenes. Got it. I'm starting to get concerned with Christians ... "business" ... he obviously didn't read the side effects of his E.D. medicine - he should go see a doctor.
2. Yes ... Christian is messed up. We know he's messed up. He's said he's messed up, Ana says he's messed up as have his parents, their parents parents, the neighbors dog and his shrink.
3. Ana is insecure. Always wondering if Christian loves her ... dude. If you're not sure, then you shouldn't be with him.
4. Ana is afraid Christian will hurt her. Uh ... HELLO!!! I'm sorry, I don't run to someone I'm deathly afraid of.
5. The character of Ana in 6 simple words: Virgin turned whore. In one week.

There were so many more. But those were the nicest. I hate having to bash a book ... I really do. But man ... people read these reviews trying to figure out if they want to read the book. I'd hate to read a review and not know that the reviewer was lying or not stating their true feelings. So here it is. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. I guess you could say I have a Christian/Ana view of the book.

I'm hoping that the third book is good ... I would hate to find out that after such a good first installment in a trilogy that E.L. James just craps all over the next two in the series just so that she can bust them out quickly.