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Phantom: An Alex Hawke Novel (Alexander Hawke)

Phantom - Ted Bell I won Phantom through the Goodreads First Read Giveaway on 03/13/2012 and received it on 05/30/2012.


Ted Bell put out another awesome book in the Alexander Hawke series. Bell's books are so well written that I really don't have any complaints. Usually. I do have one this time ... and it's about a very small part of the book.

So here it is ... Alexi ... is three years old ... and talks like he's an old man. That kinda threw things off for me. I'm a mother of two boys and at three years old they were speaking sentences, but not like this. He has these things that he says that just really bothered me and I guess it's because Bell is such an authentic writer - he writes things that are factually correct and for this one small part to not be was just a little annoying.

This didn't ruin the book for me. Alexi has such a small part, but it's there. I'll definitely keep reading the Hawke series because they are so engaging and entertaining.