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Unraveling - Elizabeth Norris Initial thoughts? It's shockingly shocking how many shocking times the author shockingly used the shocking word of ... SHOCKING!

**May contain spoilers**

Here's the deal. Unraveling was such a good concept. Amazing concept. Alternate worlds and cops that police them? I haven't read a book like this before. I just think that this could have been broken into two separate books and then it wouldn't have felt so ... rushed. Sometimes when the main character would break down what had happened, it felt like some of the action was lost. It was almost as annoying as the main character saying shocking.

I know that teenagers grab one saying and then use it to death ... we've all done that when we were younger. You know you had a word. But this went to the point where I was ready to stop reading because it was so annoying. The only thing that kept me reading was wondering how this would end. That was the saving grace of this book. Like I said, the concept was interesting. I think with a little more delving into some of the situations (and losing the word shocking form the authors vocabulary) it would have been an amazing book that I would be raving about today.

I'm hoping that the next one is going to be better ... and hopefully it will come out after I have some time to get over how shocking the shocking dialogue was shockingly shockful. Of shock.