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The Marbury Lens

The Marbury Lens - Andrew Smith Julie did not like this book. Julie thought this book was weird. Julie had high hopes that this book would be good but Julie thought that it fell short. REALLY SHORT.

Annoying when people talk in 3rd person, right?!? THIS BOOK WAS FULL OF THAT!!!!

First of all, I HATE having to say that a book is bad. I can only imagine how much work goes into writing a book and to bash what someone has slaved over makes me feel horrible. But oh my goodness. This book was almost like a train wreck - I didn't want to look, but I just had to. I had to finish this book even though everything inside me kept saying, "STAY AWAY!!".

It was just weird. I had a hard time looking past the main character talking in third person and the story line was just weird. Jack gets kidnapped and then all the sudden, "his brain is messed up". Uh ... okay. Then Jack went to England and he met a guy (I still don't know if he existed or was just in Jack's head) that gave Jack some glasses so that he could see another world through them. Literally. An alternate universe. The premise of the book was awesome - it had a great chance to be one of the most amazing books. But it was just too confusing, I had no idea who it was that was talking sometimes because Jack kept talking in 3rd person!

And new paragraphs were started.

For no reason.

In the middle of the action.

With only one sentence each. WHO DOES THAT?!?

Anyway, I was disappointed. I had looked forward to reading this. It's just unfortunate.