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Golden - Jessi Kirby I won this book through the Goodreads First Read Giveaway on 04/09/2013 and received the book on 04/24/2013.

Well. I received Golden late yesterday afternoon and finished it last night. When I pulled the package from the mailbox yesterday, I didn't know if I would start reading immediately but curiosity got the best of me. Initially, I just wanted to look at the pretty cover and maybe read the back. The next thing I knew, it was feeding time for our boys and I was halfway done with the book. Let me tell you, you've never seen someone make spaghetti as fast as I did last night ... I had channeled my inner Super Mom and knives were flying, onions getting diced then tossed into a pan along with mushrooms and garlic, I WILLED that water to boil immediately so I could throw some pasta in and steal a few moments to read. That may have been the longest dinner of my life. I just had to get back to the book. I had to know what would happen next for Parker.

The story revolves around Parker Frost. She's a high school senior who thinks that she knows where her life is headed. At least until she is given a task by one of her teachers to send out time capsule type journals that were made from students a decade ago. Parker happens upon a journal of a girl that passed away in a horrible car accident with her boyfriend and from then on, Parker's not only on a journey to find out what happened ten years ago, but also to find herself.

I'm really into teen novels right now. I LOVE the ones with vampires or ones with a dystopian scenario. I didn't know how I would feel about what I thought was a teen romance. I was totally shocked. This isn't just a teen romance, it's so much more ... it's a coming of age novel, it's a self-discovery novel, it's everything I wish I had to read when I was that age. Gripping. Sweet. Funny. Thought-provoking.

Don't get me wrong, while it's such a deep book, Jessi Kirby kept it light-hearted and sweet at the same time. Unassuming ... that's how I would describe it.

Such a good book. Excellent book. A must read!!!