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Low Pressure

Low Pressure - Sandra Brown LOVE Sandra Brown ... super excited to read this one!

Just finished this one a couple of minutes ago and wow. This is one of my favorites by Sandra Brown now.

Writing was phenomenal (as usual), Brown can really write some amazing characters! The depth that she goes to in order to really delve into making them feel like real people is pretty amazing. I think that Brown creates awesomely flawed characters. Who doesn't like a flawed character?!? This is a little weird, but I would much rather read about someone who is messed up than the perfect person. I guess it just makes them more ... normal ... to be flawed.

Anyway, in order to avoid a complete derailment ... Low Pressure. I was a little unsure of this one for some reason. I thought that the premise was good but I didn't really know how this story would play out at the beginning. I was afraid it would turn into more of a family drama than her usual books and that isn't really what I am looking for when I read a Sandra Brown book. I want something with a little romance, a lot of mystery and tons of suspense. Well Brown totally hit the nail on the head. The family aspect didn't play as much of a part as I was afraid that it would.

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