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French Silk

French Silk - Sandra Brown True to Sandra Brown form, this book was just about everything I look for in a book. It was entertaining, gripping, sweet, twisted and so much more.

You really can't go wrong with anything Brown writes. This book was written in 1991, but I didn't find myself noticing the 22 year difference. With some books, you REALLY notice that the book is old ... the author leans too heavily on modern technology and that becomes outdated so quickly that their books also feel dated. Maybe that's one of the main reasons that I really enjoy all of Brown's books.

Now ... since you can tell I'm a fan, let's talk about French Silk. I really didn't have any issues with it ... it was a really good book. And except for one or two parts, it didn't really slow down or make me lose interest. The characters were great (as are all of Sandra Brown characters in every single book) - well written, thought out, engaging ... the whole nine yards. The setting was also gorgeous ... at least I think. I've never been to New Orleans ... but the picture that Brown painted has turned it into a place that I would like to check out.

Long story short, great book ... pick it up ... you won't be disappointed.