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Chosen (House of Night, Book 3)

Chosen - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast Awesome book. Awesome series. Just ... awesome.

I am not into the whole vampire/vampyre thing ... I know, I know ... if that were the case I wouldn't have read the Twilight series or Sookie Stackhouse and then this series.

Here's the deal. I didn't VOLUNTARILY read those series. I was forced to by my friends. Well ... I didn't START them voluntarily. I totally finished them by my own choice.

Maybe I should say that I don't look for vampire books. They seem to just find me.

ANYWAY ... back on track ... this book in the series was really good. I am just constantly surprised by the Cast ladies. They write such entertaining books and this one is no exception.

Fun read, easy to put down and pick back up (even though you don't want to), well written and thoroughly entertaining.

Onto the next one!