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The Alexandria Link: A Novel

The Alexandria Link  - Steve Berry It. Is. FABULOUS!!

I had read a couple of the reviews and I just wanted to touch on something that has really been bothering me. Some have given Berry bad reviews on this book for reasons that I personally think are absolutely crazy! To base your rating on the fact that he wrote about some things and not others seems asinine to me. That is what being an author is about to me. He pulls inspiration from whatever HE chooses. Whether or not he writes a great story has nothing to do with him not using all of the conspiracies out there for his topic or whether he put ALL the facts about a particular subject. This is a work of fiction. Berry states in the back of the book what parts are actual and what parts he took liberties with but the point is that it is HIS story. I just hate seeing an author get bashed because they didn't include something that a particular reader wanted or slated the story to be biased in whichever direction the author wanted. Okay, I'll hop down off my soapbox now.

Once again, Steve Berry hit this one out of the park. I just absolutely love his style of writing. Even though this book is obviously fiction, there are so many things that are completely true. Berry just has a way with words and it makes you want to know more about the historical focus of the book after you finish reading - or during, in my case.

I've always loved his Cotton Malone character. I find him endearing, intriguing and captivating. But this is the first time that I've ever fallen in love with a character that had less than 5 pages of action and/or dialogue in a book. I thought that the way Berry wrote in the president was absolutely genius. And let me tell you, I reread the part towards the end with the president talking maybe 10 times because I loved it so much. Hilarious!!

The Alexandria Link is an exciting read full of intrigue, mystery, spies, history and murder, with a little scavenger hunt type scenario thrown in and it's a super fast read that keeps you hanging over the edge not knowing if you want to be pulled back or pushed over!

Can't wait to get started on the next Cotton book!!