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I Hate Picture Books!

I Hate Picture Books! - Timothy Young First of all, since I'm a mom of two wonderful (and sometimes obnoxious) boys, I've read my fair share of children's books. Now, being a mom ... I was a little surprised with how many times the word stupid and hate were in the book.

Stop right there. I know what you're thinking ... the word hate is in the title, how could I not assume that it would be in the book, right? Well, I did assume that it would be in the book but I wasn't counting on the word stupid. I can't tell you how many times a day I have to tell our 6 year old that he needs to find another word to use instead of stupid and that hate is a really strong word and yadda, blah. It's actually amazing that I don't have a permanent knot in the middle of my forehead from banging it on the wall every night ... THAT'S how many times a day I tell him these two things.

Anyhow, if this book didn't have those two words in it, I would go out and buy it immediately. It's a really cute book that goes through all of this child's favorite stories and he's saying how he feels almost robbed because none of them were actually true. Finally, he realizes that the reasons he doesn't like each book is the same reason that he loves them. Such an adorable premise for a children's book. It brought back so many memories for me and I'm sure that our youngest would enjoy it.

I just wish that there were other words used, I really do love this book and it would make for some amazing gifts to all of our pint-sized friends.

I received this book in exchange for a review on my blog: http://littlemissbookmark.blogspot.com/