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Hocus Pocus Takes the Train

Hocus Pocus Takes the Train - Sylvie Desrosiers, Remy Simard Before I dive headfirst into this review, it does need to be known that this book does not have words. I repeat ... no words. But in no way does that take anything away from this wonderful book ... here's why ...

So many things to say about this little book. First of all ... adore the illustrations. They are fun and simple and almost child-like ... which is a good thing!! I think that kids are able to see a bit of themselves in the drawings and it also inspired our two boys to make a comic strip!

I showed this book to our 6 year old and he loved it from just looking at the cover. After a few minutes, he started to tell ME what the book was about - which is another thing that I love. Getting children interested in books is so important for their development. I've always said that it doesn't matter WHAT they read, as long as they are reading SOMETHING. And this book, even though there are no words, plays right into that as well. This book helps them on their creative side. We also found out that each time he would "read" the book to us, the story changed and that means that this book will be a favorite for a very long time in our house.

I'll hop down off of my soap box now and just say this ... great book, pick it up ... it's really for any age between 2 (when they start really talking) and around 10 (when everything around them becomes babyish and anyone speaking to them is an inconvenience ... we're at this age with our eldest ... it's great. Lol).

Pick it up or give it as a gift and watch the creative side of your child emerge!