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First Temptation (A Covert Affairs Novella, Book 1.5)

First Temptation - Joan  Swan I am really starting to wonder why in the hell I haven't heard of some of these authors that I'm reading lately!! Why have I never heard of Joan Swan?!? I'm just not understanding. Great authors should NEVER be kept secret! Who is it I need to be stalking in order to find out about these writers? All this lost time!! I could have been reading her books since last year!! Ugh. So frustrating.

Well, at least I've found her now because DAMN. Swan is an amazing writer! This novella had me hooked from the first sentence. I love how you're just thrown into the excitement from the very first sentence. Being that captivating from the get-go must be difficult or all writers would have the same thing going on.

I immediately fell in love with the main character, Zoe Brooks. This character absolutely commands your attention. It's great seeing such a strong female character. She's a strong, willful woman in a mans world and she fits right in. On the flip-side, she's sexy and funny and sassy. I just loved her. She was a perfectly messed-up character (the flawed kind that I adore).

I really liked the interaction between Taft and Zoe. The verbal sparring between the two was awesome. It reminded me of my husband and I.

The story was very well written. I was left with absolutely no questions or doubts about anything. The novella flowed so well ... this author is just amazing! I'll definitely be picking up some more of her books. Well, once I'm done with the pile that I have to get through. But Swan is on my radar and she should be on yours as well. If you like romantic-suspense books, you just have to pick this up when it becomes available ... which is soon ... right?!? (Nudge, nudge to the powers that be ...)

This is a super short review but I really don't have anything else to say ... I loved the book. I love the characters. I love the storyline. I love the cover. I love the author. Sigh. I really wish I didn't have other things lined up to read ...

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