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Newton Neighbors

Newton Neighbors - Suzy Duffy Newton Neighbors was ... okay. I didn't feel really strongly about it either way. It wasn't horrible but it wasn't bad. I've had quite a few of these books lately. The great thing is that I think there is a really big chance that books later in this author's life will be pretty spectacular. The story is just missing that special something. That one thing that can transform that "meh" book into magic.

The story that Suzy Duffy created was actually pretty good. Duffy must be amazingly perceptive. She really nailed her characters. They were so thought out. The conversations that went on in this book ... they didn't feel stiff or overworked. It really flowed well. This is not one of those books that you have to put down because it becomes too much or the descriptions are horribly long or the conversations are nothing that would actually happen in real life. This book just didn't have that.

I was pretty entertained through the whole thing but it just left me wanting. It was just okay. But I really liked how the novel started. That actually made me look at how I feel when a babysitter comes to watch our boys. Those "mommy feelings" were really spot on. Duffy is really an artist when creating characters.

As I was reading, I started to wonder if she just sat around recording actual conversations because there were quite a few that I've had with my husband and girlfriends.

I think I just wasn't the target audience for this book. I love Real Housewives (that's what I thought this book would be like) but this isn't Real Housewives of New Jersey ... which is my favorite ... because of the epic arguments. I think I need something with just a little more drama and action. But this is perfect if you're looking for a lighthearted read while on a train, plane or automobile (great movie, btw).

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