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Deadline - Sandra Brown Well. This has cemented it. I now have a book crush on Sandra Brown. This is THE best book from her yet. I absolutely loved it. I have read sooo many books that I can pick out most "surprises" or twists and turns but I was totally thrown for a loop!! There were so many twisties that my head was spinning.

The depth that Dawson Scott was written with was just ... character development genius. I don't know that Brown has ever delved that deep into a character before. Now, this could be because I adored the character of Dawson Scott. But the reason I adored him was because he was almost real to me.

I also really connected with the way that Amelia's boys were written. Most of the time, the quarrels and conversations really reminded me of our two boys. It brought a smile to my face to see such insignificant characters given as much author love as the main ones.

Usually I have more stuff to pick apart but Brown has been at this for so long that she's got it down to a science. She probably writes in her sleep. Ugh. I wish I had something to pick apart so I could use one of my weird analogies that I've grown to love but alas, I've got nothing.

Great book ... pick it up if you like romantic suspense!

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