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The Wraith - Goodloe Byron I won this book through the Goodreads First Reads Contest on 11/01/2010 and received my copy on 11/16/2010.

To say that Goodloe Byron is an unconventional writer would be a bit of an understatement. Then again, from what I've read of Byron, he's an unconventional sort of man himself which explains his style of writing. I just started reading The Wraith about 30 minutes ago and at this point I have discovered a random fact about myself - I like quotation marks. I'm assuming that Goodloe Byron does not like them because there isn't a set of them throughout the entire book. I looked. For some reason, I can't focus on the story - all I can see is where quotation marks need to be. My weird fascination with needing quotation marks isn't Byron's fault and I'll just have to pencil them in, in my head, as I jump back into Linus' story.

Wow. I just finished reading ... I don't really know how to feel about The Wraith. I liked it because it was so different but then I didn't like it ... because it was so different. The story line was really confusing at first because you didn't know if people were talking or thinking the things that were being said and you really don't get "introduced" to a character - they are just thrown into the story and hopefully you can figure out within a few pages, who it is to Linus. About halfway through the book things really slowed down and I started to become annoyed not only with the lack of quotation marks but also the way the story doesn't follow a pattern. It jumps from one thought to the next and reminded me of my 3 year old son's short attention span.

All of that being said, I didn't hate the book. But I didn't like it either. I wouldn't turn down a free copy from Goodloe Byron, but I might not read it. I do have a bit of a side note - Goodloe Byron wrote a little something for me in the front of the book and he has the most amazing handwriting! It's weird and quirky, just like how I imagine Byron is. Now, if the book was handwritten - I would really want to read it just to see that amazing handwriting!