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Gone Wild - Ever McCormick I really flip-flopped about the rating for this book. I thought that 3 wasn't enough but 4 was too much, Goodreads doesn't accept any "and a half" ratings ... so I decided to give it a 4 because a 3 would be a disservice.

Anyway ... glad I wasted a whole paragraph on that explanation. So. I have a few specific things to touch on. Nothing huge and it's not book ruining type of stuff. The first thing that kinda got to me is mostly my fault, I guess. See, when I receive or buy a book, I read the blurb and then it's promptly forgotten. The book ends up on a big list of books that I need to read. I don't believe in buying books when you run out ... why run out in the first place?!? Who knows how many catastrophes could happen and imagine having to go without reading because you weren't prepared!! Because of that belief, I have tons of books on my "To Read" pile. Tons. I'm ashamed of how many I have and I refuse to divulge that number because I know that you would judge me. Now that we have almost completely derailed ... just to sum up: I read the blurb, I get the book, it goes in a pile and I don't look at the book again until it's time for me to read it. When I do finally pick it up, I NEVER read that blurb again. Why spoil some of the surprises? I always just dive in, feet first. When I got to around page 45-ish in Gone Wild, a name came up and I had no freaking clue who this person was!! Who the heck is Ina? Why is this Adam dude calling out to her? Oh, yeah. That's the main character. It just seemed weird to me that for so many pages, I just had no clue what the name of the main character was ... I felt like I was having a Tommy Boy moment, "It's gotta be YOUR bull ..."

Now that I know who Ina is ... she kind of annoyed me during part of the book. Good Lord, woman! Figure out who you are! And I'm assuming that this is how the author intended Ina to be ... which is great with me, I love flawed characters ... but it became a bit much at times.

Adam ... he's a pretty well written character. I really liked him. I loved how jaded, protective and secretive he is. It made him more intriguing. It really pushed me to keep reading so that maybe, just maybe, I could find out more about this gorgeous, mountain man. I just really liked him and I couldn't find too many things about him that I didn't like. Oooh ... other than (and this will sound weird) but I kept thinking of him as the Yoda of safety ... Be careful, you will. I don't really know why that happened or even if other readers will feel the same way ... but there it is.

Okay. This is for the moment when the woman of your dreams says that she loves you ... do not, I repeat ... DO NOT ask her: "What? Why? Where? When? How?" Too weird and out of place.

The book is actually pretty good. It was entertaining but it did leave me wanting more. I think that it just needed more suspense. You can't insert such a great controversial scenario into a story and not fully explore it, in my opinion. I would have loved to see more mystery and suspense in the book.

I will definitely be watching out for this author in the future. If her first book is a 4-star (in my mind) then her next ones should be even better!